Meet Donna

Donna, a homeowner and working single mother, knows just how overwhelming it can be to juggle life.

“As a parent, you need every penny to support your family, and as a homeowner, you never know what is right around the corner,” she says. “Building financial stability allows me to be a good example for my kids and be prepared for the unexpected.”

United Way’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program helps her do just that. VITA provides qualifying community members with tax preparation services, access to valuable tax credits and offers the necessary support to build financial self-sufficiency – a service Donna has used for nearly a decade.

“I’ve never thought about going anywhere else,” she shares. “It’s convenient, quick, and the volunteers are so knowledgeable. I know I’m getting my maximum refund.”

That full refund means giving her children the best life possible.

“What I want more than anything is to give my kids a better life and VITA helps me do that. I can pay for three months of tuition at school. I can send money to school for book fairs so they are excited to read. I can send them to camp so they are safe and learning during the summer. I send them on class trips that expose them to new ideas and opportunities. I can give them the resources they need to really thrive. But above all, I can set a positive example for my kids and help them understand the value of saving so they have a head start to pay for college or a home. Their future is something I can help them start molding today.”

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