Steps To A Successful Campaign

As an ECC, you’re a key partner in the movement to end poverty. Your leadership in running an effective United Way campaign is paramount to our ability to improve lives and strengthen communities. The campaign will serve as an important opportunity for your colleagues to learn more about local issues, and how they can help break the cycle of poverty that traps our families for generations.

Below you’ll find steps to planning your campaign and tips for success as an Employee Campaign Chair.

01. Recruit a Campaign Team

Invite members with diverse skills from multiple departments to join your committee, including younger and newer employees who may be new to the campaign but want to make a difference.

Pro Tip: Secure leadership support to establish buy-in and have your executive team recognize committee members for going the extra mile!


02. Set a Goal

Analyze giving history, assess current workplace dynamics and set aggressive, but achievable, goals. Consider a participation target and an Impact Fund goal. Having shared goals is an important way to increase engagement and participation in the campaign.


03. Create the Plan

Choose a fun theme that connects back to your organization and United Way’s work in the community. From there, create a simple message, outline a plan and think about what success looks like at your workplace.

Pro Tip: Consider the Impact your organization can make in the community. Many successful campaigns connect their organization’s corporate social responsibility goals to their United Way campaigns!


04. Kick-Off!

This is the exciting part. Draw attention to the campaign with an event that brings your campaign theme to life.

Pro Tip: Invite leadership donors and potential leadership donors to a special breakfast or reception with your CEO! Thank them for previous support and encourage them to give generously and help set a strong pace for the campaign. Leaders lead!


05. Ask, Ask, and Ask Again

One of the primary reasons that people don’t give is that they were never asked.

Pro Tip: Recruit and train campaign champions to serve as ambassadors. They can follow-up with people in their department or work area and help answer questions.


06. Communicate

Help people learn about our cause and the Impact of their gifts. Use multiple communication techniques that you know are effective for your workplace. Emails, voicemails, time on agendas in department meetings, or simply just talking up the campaign around the office, can all be effective ways to spread the word!


07. Engage your team

Volunteering builds team rapport and inspires more connection to United Way’s work in the community. Host a Day of Caring or simply encourage volunteerism through United Way’s volunteer portal at Join United Way in speaking up on issues in your state or community. Learn more about our Public Policy agenda at


08. Thank, Celebrate and Keep in Touch!

The most important part of a successful campaign is a great THANK YOU! By thanking employees and sharing campaign successes, you make them feel appreciated and deepen their connection to our mission to end poverty. Share results and celebrate. Communicate your campaign success and thank employees for their support company-wide. Ask leadership for their support in sharing the good news and closing the campaign with a celebratory event.



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