Career Pathways & Pipelines

When youth “disconnect” from school or the workforce, their limited education and work experience affect future earnings and health, and they double their likelihood of living in poverty. In addition, disconnected youth also have lower wages, higher rates of incarceration and unemployment, and their mental and physical health suffers.


Staying Connected to School

Youth who have access to programs that promote empowerment, mindfulness, and service-learning are more likely to connect to experiences that increase self-regulation, their value in the community, and exposure to career opportunities. Together with our partners, we fight for opportunities for disconnected youth by:

  • Increasing the number of youth participating in high-quality career-connected educational experiences that provide career exposure, strengthen social and emotional health, and help transition them from middle to high school successfully

In 2017-28, our investments provided 2,621 youth with mentoring or tutoring, reconnecting them to school and increasing their likelihood of graduating from high school. 

Education and Job Training

When youth are equipped with the skills they need to qualify for work that pays a family-sustaining wage, they take their first steps to self-sufficiency as adults. Exposure to career-connected education, learn-and-earn opportunities, apprenticeship programs, transitional and paid on-the-job training experiences create pathways to livable wages. Together with our partners, we fight for opportunities for our youth by:

  • Increasing the number of youth age 15-25 who complete education and job training that provide pathways to a career and future 

In 2017-18, our investments helped 4,843 individuals complete education credentials or job training, positioning them to earn family-sustaining wages. 

Robert Story


Robert grew up in foster care and lacked stability.

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youth aged 15–25 will reconnect to school or work with your support.


Bullied by schoolmates, Tatyana's attendance and grades began to suffer.

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Tiffany lacked access to books at home and school.

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Despite knowing that he wanted a better life, Anthony was arrested at age 14.

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