Impact Fund

Our Impact Fund fuels a two-generation approach to building youth success and family stability to help more people break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. But the Impact Fund is about more than making grants to our nonprofit partners…it’s about moving the needle against poverty in a holistic, sustainable way.

Your Impact investment builds:


Growing up in Camden, Estefany always dreamed of making a difference for urban students. Through the network of devoted staff at United Way Impact Partner’s UrbanPromise, Estefany became a mentor, leader and role model among her peers. Now she is pursuing her lifelong goal of becoming a teacher, setting her on the path to being a leader in her community.

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Why Invest in the Impact Fund?

Support for our Impact Fund enables United Way to surround a complex issue like intergenerational poverty to drive measurable results and lasting change.

Through the Impact Fund, we:

  • Mobilize 10,000+ volunteers per year
  • Convene stakeholders from the business, nonprofit and public sectors
  • Leverage funding opportunities
  • Build capacity in the nonprofit sector
  • Advocate for sound public policy
  • Invest in high-performing nonprofits delivering measurable results
  • Raise money for our cause and nonprofit sector at a low cost
  • Share our community expertise

These skills position us to:

  • Drive systems change to enhance the delivery of services provided to those in need
  • Strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit sector so they can help more people more effectively
  • Invest financial, social and human capital to increase the stability of the nonprofit sector

Why? Because stability in the nonprofit sector paves the way to increase the scale and efficiency of the programs that work best to help people break the cycle of poverty.

A Focused Approach

Impact Grants

We invest in nonprofit partners to advance a two-generation approach to ending intergenerational poverty. Our Impact Partners deliver measurable results in the areas of Early Learning, Career Pathways & Pipelines, Economic Self-Sufficiency, and Community Stability & Advocacy. From education and financial stability, to health and basic needs, the work we fund supports the development of successful youth and financially stable individuals and families.

Multiple Investment Streams

With your support


will read on a grade level by the end of the third grade.

Robert Story


Robert grew up in foster care and lacked stability.

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With your support, we will help


individuals overcome poverty.


After losing her job, Vicki struggled to pay her mortgage

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Alfonso was stressed and overwhelmed by competing work–life responsibilities.

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youth aged 15–25 will reconnect to school or work with your support.


Mark needed the right support to reach his potential.

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