Campaign Toolkit

As an Employee Campaign Chair, you’re a key partner in the movement to end poverty. Your leadership, expertise and passion will make a big Impact on success, and we’re here to support you every step of the way!

Below you’ll find the resources you need to run your United Way campaign. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or your United Way Representative.


Latest Video Assets

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United Way Rally

Early Learning

Financial Empowerment

Entrepreneurship, Opportunities & Employment

Campaigning Made Simple

Here’s what you need if you’re just looking for the basics:

Previous Year Video Library

Impact Story: Vivian

Impact Story: Jovon


Impact Story: Ameesha & Amari


Brittany's Story


UWW PSA: 60s


Go digital and take your campaign to the next level

Print Materials On-Demand

We have a variety of resources available to help bring our cause to life and recognize the everyday heroes in our fight against poverty. Check out this guide that outlines all the assets that are available!

National Campaign Headquarters

If you’re running a national United Way campaign, we understand that your campaign requires messaging that speaks to a wider audience. Here you’ll find sample messaging, digital resources and other assorted materials to support a national campaign.

Good News!

Connect with us on our LinkedIn page for all of our campaign Good News where we share how caring companies are making a difference in local communities. Submit your Good News! to your United Way representative.

Annual Awards!

We are proud to recognize our 2017-18 Annual Award honorees.

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