We are pleased to have the opportunity to thank and recognize those supporters who contributed to our United Way this past year. We are especially grateful to our most generous philanthropic leaders and Kind Society members. Through their consistent and cumulative support, they demonstrate a passionate commitment to ending poverty and building a stronger and healthier community.

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List current as of June 30, 2018.

Million Dollar Roundtable

  • 1956 Otto Haas Charitable Trust
  • The Annenberg Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bogle
  • Cathy and Jack Brennan
  • Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cawthorn
  • CHG Charitable Trust as recommended by Carole Haas Gravagno
  • David and Rhonda Cohen
  • The Elmer Roe Deaver Foundation
  • John T. Dorrance, Jr.
  • Penny and Bob Fox
  • Richard C. Goodwin
  • Lon and Bonnie Greenberg
  • John and Chara Haas
  • Mrs. Samuel Hamilton
  • Mindy Holman and Frank Beideman
  • George and Barbara Karr
  • Patricia Kind
  • The Lenfest Foundation
  • Elaine Levitt and Joel Gershman
  • Mr. Ira M. Lubert
  • Katherine and F. William McNabb, III
  • Estate of Mrs. Walter Morgan
  • Mr. Warren V. Musser
  • Estate of Pauline T. Pease
  • Robert and Lexie Potamkin
  • Aileen K. Roberts and Brian L. Roberts
  • Suzanne F. and Ralph J. Roberts
  • Gus and Karen Sauter
  • James G. Stewart and Andrea Anania
  • Leonard and Barbara Sylk
  • Harriet and Larry Weiss
  • Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams, Jr.
  • The Wyncote Foundation
  • Anonymous (1)

  • Posthumous recognition

$250,000–$499,999 Order of Independence

John and Chara Haas
CHG Charitable Trust as recommended by Carole Haas Gravagno
Mr. Ira M. Lubert

$100,000-$249,999 The National Society

  • David and Rhonda Cohen
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman U. Cohn
    Lon and Bonnie Greenberg
    Mindy Holman and Frank Beideman
    Aileen K. Roberts and Brian L. Roberts
    John and Patricia Walsh

$75,000-$99,999 Order of Brotherhood

  • Mrs. J. Mahlon Buck, Jr.
  • A. Morris Williams, Jr.

$50,000-$74,999 Order of Equality

  •  Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck
    John Chou and Teresa Wallace
    Mr. Joseph S. Holman
    Bob and Phyllis Keyes
    James and Rhonda Mordy
    Steven Wall and Julie Uebler

$25,000-$49,999 Order of Liberty

  1. Andrea Anania
    Brian and Ellen Bates
    William and Debbie Becker
    Mr. and Mrs. John K. Binswanger
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bogle
    Michael C. Carbone
    Susan and Cummins Catherwood, Jr.
    Gordon and Gretchen Cooney
    Nicholas and Eileen DeBenedictis
    Michael D. DiCandilo
    Jack and Tammy Dodds
    Gloria and John Drosdick
    Vickie and Jack Farber
    Penny and Bob Fox
    Otto Haas Charitable Trust
    Megan and Stephen Haindl
    William and Rosemary Hankowsky
    Dee and Roger Hillas
    Edward Hopkinson
    Jack and Deb Lynch
    Eileen C. McDonnell
    Laura and Marc McKenna
    Jami McKeon and John Hollway
    Carole and Philip A. Norcross
    Kim and Carl Ortell
    William Reckmeyer
    Ronald and Marcia Rubin
    Gus and Karen Sauter

  1.  Lawrence and Marcia Arem
    Mr. Peter A. Benoliel and Ms. Willo Carey
    Chris and Marie Bruner
    Karen Buchholz
    Mr. and Mrs. James M. Buck, III
    Bill and Karen Cariss
    Mr. and Mrs. Tristram C. Colket, Jr.
    Steve Collis
    Linda and Tony Conti
    Edith R. Dixon
    Carol S. Eicher
    Holly and Orlando Esposito
    The Frick Family Fund
    Jim and Kay Gately
    Tom and Barb Harris
    Mrs. Robert P. Hauptfuhrer
    Bob Haver
    Diana and Kevin Hoff
    Barbara and Charles Kahn, Jr.
    Miralie Fund
    Stephen and Diana Kaye
    Richard and Dale Levy
    Ms. Sharon Levy
    Jim and Kathleen Lynch
    William F. and Leslie MacDonald, Jr.
    Mrs. Jane MacElree
    Charles and Ann Marshall
    Tom and Linda McCarthy
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McNeill, Jr.
    Stanley and Audrey Merves, Trustees G and L Roberts Charitable Foundation
    Mr. Edward A. Montgomery, Jr.
    Kathy and James Mullin
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Neilson
    Joe Neubauer and Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer
    Mr. Christopher D. Pappas
    Mr. Michael Parker
    Rev. Lucy E. Pierre
    Edward B. Pollock
    William P. Quinn, Jr. and Tracy Zurzolo Quinn
    Stephen Rauscher and Nancy Rauscher
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Rorer
    Andrew and Gail Rusnak
    Susan and John Salveson
    Sharon and Bill Schwarze
    Patricia and Stephen Segal
    Gerald B. Shreiber
    Charles and Andrea Silverman
    Debbie and Dave Smeltzer
    William and Marie Strahan
    Mr. Leon C. Sunstein, Jr.
    Edward F. Wagner
    Anne C. Williams and Stephen P. Doerner

  1.  Barbara B. and Theodore R. Aronson
    Michael Barry and Patricia Bartlett
    Mr. Dennis P. Bianchi
    David and Dorothy Binswanger
    Mr. Christopher Bozman and Ms. Merri Lee Newby
    Chris and Cathyann Calabrese
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Candeloro, Jr.
    James and Beth Carll
    Jim and Suzanne Cawley
    Mr. Tony John Ciampitti
    Russ and Bobbie Clopine
    Mark and Iris Coblitz
    Abbi L. Cohen and Thomas W. O’Connell
    The Ethel D. Colket Foundation
    Chris Conroy
    James E. Davey
    Roger and Deborah Dennis
    Thomas J. and Lucille A. Donnelly
    Mr. Joseph M. Field and Mrs. Marie H. Field
    Michael Forman and Jennifer Rice
    Gordon and Patricia Fowler
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Frabizzio, III
    Mr. Charles T. Freeman
    Christine and Timothy Gallagher
    Linda and David Glickstein Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation
    David and Marilou Greed
    Elizabeth Kapnek Grenald (Sis)
    Nancy L. Gunza
    Mary Bert Gutman
    Drs. Brian Hanna and Raezelle Zinman
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Harries
    Robert C. and Eileen Kennedy Heim
    Mr. Macgill James
    Liz and Matthew Kamens
    George and Barbara Karr
    Christina Kind
    Joseph C. Kohn, Esq.
    Michele and Richard Kunis
    Terry Larsen
    Charisse R. Lillie
    William A. Loeb
    Donna and Richard Lovely
    Kenneth Marcuse
    Bill and Jan Matthai
    Lisa Kabnick and John McFadden
    Thomas B. and Ann P. Morris
    The Moses Feldman Family Foundation
    Mr. Adam E. Newman
    Joe O’Neill
    Jessica and Ralph Packard
    Kathleen Pearson
    Jane G. Pepper
    Patrick Pruitt
    Mike and Christina Renna
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Rhoads
    Phillip D. Robinson
    Ms. Caroline Rogers
    Lawrence J. Salva
    Chris Satchell and Megan Satchell
    Molly D. Shepard and Dr. Peter J. Dean
    Gerard and Mary Ann Sheridan
    Rev. Frank Spencer and Dr. Melanie Spencer
    David and Carolina Stangis
    Mary Stengel Austen and Peter Austen
    Lonny and Beth Strum
    Thomas and Melissa Trala
    Paul and Christine Tufano
    Andrea E. Utecht
    David and Betsy Wice
    Laura A. Williamson
    Chip and Patti Wilson
    Margaret G. Jacobs Charitable Trust
    Anonymous (1)

  • The David & Joyce Ackerman Fund
    Dean W. Anderson
    Roz and Davinder Athwal
    Jay and Theresa Baldwin
    Donna and Louis Beardell
    Tricia Suzanne Blair
    Arthur and Janice Block
    Pierre Brondeau
    Wray and Michelle Broughton
    Troy and Staci Brown
    Mark and Susan Bryan
    Jeff and Chris Buell
    The Richard and Kenneth Burk Charitable Fund in Memory of Dorothy Burk
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Butz
    Jesus Campos and Patricia Velasco
    Marianne and Christopher Cashman
    The Louis N. Cassett Foundation
    Ms. Celeste Clancy
    Christina A. Clark
    Mr. M. Scott Clemens
    Jeff Coutts
    Barry and Patricia Crawford
    Brian Creelman
    Daniel J. and Suzanne C. Crowley
    Mr. Rodney D. Day, III
    Rick Deeck
    Frank and Sharon DiCola
    Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation
    John Dougherty
    Lynn Duclos and Duc Duclos
    John and Gina Emge
    Isabella M. Englebach
    Bruce and Betsy Fadem
    John and Mary Faust
    Ms. Joni E. Finney, Ph.D.
    Anthony and Erin Foursha
    Mark and Laraine Francisco
    Mr. Randal J. Freitag
    Hugh Gallagher
    Mr. Dennis R. Glass
    Katherine M. Glasser
    Richard C. Goodwin
    Dana Graves
    Claire and Stephen Greenfield
    Ms. Melissa A. Grimm
    Deborah A. Hays, Esq.
    Amy L. Hellen
    Kevin Hersh
    Helena and John Heywood
    Steve Holman
    Mark E. Hopkins
    Gregory Horn
    Marilyn Horner
    John Hricko
    Xihao Hu
    Ralph Hunter
    Adam Illfelder
    Paul and Brooke Jakubowski
    Peter A. Jakuc and Katherine K. Jakuc
    Troy Jordan
    Mr. and Mrs. Ned J. Kaplin
    Patrick Keenan
    Ida and Paul Ladner
    Stephen C. Lehman
    Roberta Rote and Martin Levitas
    Christian and Mary Lindback Foundation
    David L. Marcus
    Ralph and Cynthia Marino
    Ronald Matthew
    Diane and Bill Mattis
    Joanne McFall
    Mrs. Anita Milsztein
    Mr. Mark Mintun
    Elizabeth A. Murphy
    Kristina Nicoles and Bryan LoSasso
    Mr. Brian O’Dell
    Jamie B. Ohl
    Andrew Ott
    Jeremy and Stacie Paolone
    Warren and Jen Patterson
    John Paysinger
    Fred and Amy Penny
    Jennifer L. and Raymond A. Petruccelli
    Julia C. Pukas
    Michael and Cecelia Ramsey
    Dr. Allan P. Freedman
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ratti
    Mrs. Marie Louise Reese
    Richard P. Byler Charitable Fund
    Ms. Chari Richardson
    Fay and Daniel Ross
    Michael T. Scott and Robin R. Hauner
    Brian and Julie Shaffer
    Mr. Matthew Strauss and Mrs. Michele Strauss
    Tozour Energy Systems
    Ken Trippe
    Karen and Ken Volpert
    Howard F. Warner, M.D.
    Harriet and Larry Weiss
    John Williamson
    Dalila Wilson-Scott
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Winston
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Wood
    Anonymous (7)


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