Meet Steveanna

Steveanna’s passion is making sure her community has enough to eat. She channels that passion in her work as executive director of SHARE Food Program, a United Way Impact partner and co-host of United2Feed, where she’s spent 29 years working to eliminate hunger.

Food. It’s Steveanna Wynn’s passion.

But not cooking it, or growing it. Steveanna is all about making sure people have enough of it.

She channels that passion in her work as executive director of SHARE Food Program, a United Way Impact partner and co-host of United2Feed, where she’s spent 29 years working to eliminate hunger.

It’s a monumental task – 750,000 people, including one in five children across the Greater Philadelphia region, don’t know where their next meal will come from.

“The face of hunger in our community isn’t always what people think,” she reflects. “The people we help are hard-working and want to provide for their families. Most of them have just experienced setbacks that have knocked them off track – setbacks that the majority of us are lucky enough not to have to navigate. They’ve run through their resources and are slipping further and further behind. Now they are faced with the question: ‘How can I put food on the table?’”

SHARE partners with more than 500 food pantries and cupboards, supplying food to 699,667 community members each month.

“Everyone deserves a full belly, and we’re proud of the work SHARE does to make sure everyone in our community has enough food. But the reality is, we need more than food pantries to keep families fed,” Steveanna continues.

“That’s why I feel so strongly about SNAP and the role it plays in filling the hunger gap.”

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is our nation’s largest and most successful supplemental nutrition program. It provides lower-income families, seniors and other vulnerable Americans with roughly $125 a month for groceries, connecting 42.2 million people across the country to nutritious food.

But SNAP is in jeopardy. On September 30, SNAP benefits are set to expire, and current proposals in Congress would make it harder for families, workers and those in between jobs to put food on the table. We can all play a role in protecting SNAP and making sure our community members have access to the resources they need to perform better in school and be more productive on the job.

Steveanna sums it up perfectly: “It only takes an instant, and you’re in trouble. You’re out of work; your nest egg is gone; you can’t put food on the table. It only takes one instant, and you need help. But through United Way, we can all join together to nourish our community and advocate for the programs that make a difference.”

Will you join the fight for a nourished community? Raise your voice in support of SNAP today, and help keep our neighbors healthy and thriving!

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