Trauma-Informed Care

From "what's wrong" to "what happened"

The science is clear – the effects of trauma and adversity that build up over time contribute to inequitable outcomes in every area of life. Adverse experiences and traumas like poverty, violence and neglect can alter the structure of the brain. They are pervasive and experienced on individual, group, and societal levels. In fact, some effects can even pass from generation to generation.


Building a trauma-informed region


In 2018, we launched Trauma-Informed Philanthropy Volume 2 with our partners, Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia and Scattergood Foundation.

The guide highlights best practices in leveraging resources and relationships to advance trauma-informed practice and move from knowledge to action, and is a follow-up to Trauma-Informed Philanthropy Volume 1.


In partnership with Widener University’s Center for Social Work Education and the Delaware County Trauma Alliance (DTA), we are working to assess trauma-informed services in Delaware County.

This survey will help ensure more community members have access to services and programs that holistically serve their needs.


Taught by Lakeside Global Institute, our Trauma 101 and 102 courses enhance and enrich each participants’ awareness, understanding and appreciation of the nature of trauma.

These courses help service providers and community members develop and employ skills that promote health and healing from trauma. Click here to sign up for any upcoming courses.

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