Success Starts in the Home

It’s hard to focus on homework when, for the second time this month, you must collect your things and move to a new couch.

With a stable home, families are more likely to have their basic needs met, parents have higher employment rates and students perform better in school.

Through the Family Empowerment Program, United Way, together with USEF and Creative Health Services, helps to fight poverty by empowering local families to move toward stability through financial assistance, budget coaching, job training and whole-family supports. As a result, student from these families are less likely to have to switch schools through the year, creating stability and consistency that supports their ability to learn and achieve.

Are You Eligible? The FEP serves families who:


Lillian faced eviction after owing thousands in unpaid bills that she desperately tried to pay down.

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2-Gen Stability

When children experience stability at home, it provides a pathway to success that the entire community benefits from. Through a combination of financial assistance, case management, budget coaching, job training and more with United Way’s partner, UESF, the Siemer program deploys a whole-family approach that ultimately enables children to thrive.

Over the past year, our Siemer Institute program has helped more than 340 families avoid homelessness, and has kept 952 children in school.

To find out if you qualify for the FEP contact:

Cheryl Mackey at 215-665-2510 or email


Jamie Tyson at 610-326-9250 ext. 1215 or email (Pottstown) 

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