Anyone seeking help should start with the 2-1-1 non-emergency hotline. It is a free, confidential, 24/7, easy-to-remember phone number that connects residents with important health and human services in their local communities– for everyday needs and in crisis situations. With support from our Impact Fund, highly trained 2-1-1 call specialists can connect with an extensive network of databases to help identify residents’ needs, find solutions and make local referrals to agencies that may be able to help.

In the 2017-18 campaign, donors designated $15.2 million to eligible nonprofit organizations. Our United Way recovers 12.5 cents per dollar from each gift to recover the costs we incur to raise, collect, administer and distribute gifts from the campaign. These costs include fundraising, marketing, pledge processing, customer service, finance and information technology.  

You join a movement of more than 100,000 donors who are committed to ending poverty in our region. You fund a strategic, holistic two-generation approach to breaking the cycle of poverty that focuses on supporting youth success and stable individuals and families in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Our Impact partners undergo a rigorous, objective evaluation process and deliver measurable, lasting results that change lives and strengthen communities.

Yes, United Way supports the nonprofit community in two valuable ways:
  • Through the Impact Fund, United Way invests in local nonprofit partners that take a two-generation approach to ending intergenerational poverty. Our Impact Partners deliver measurable results in the areas of Early Learning, Career Pathways & Pipelines, Economic Empowerment, and Family Stability Supports. Each must apply and undergo a rigorous application process. We also provide opportunities for capacity building and nonprofit leadership development throughout the year.
  • Through the annual Campaign, United Way provides donors with the option of choosing an organization to support through the Donor Choice program. Please note that United Way does not monitor agencies that participate in our donor choice program except to certify that they are a 501c3 organization in good standing with the IRS and are in compliance with the USA Patriot Act.
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COVID-19: United to Help

It is during times like these when our community needs leadership and generosity. We must stand in unity with a powerful response.

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