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United to fight poverty.
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The moment to act is now.

Poverty is complicated. No single intervention alone can disrupt it. And while reducing it is a challenge, it’s not beyond us. In our nearly 100 years of serving the community, we’ve built our mission on finding solutions to tackle poverty and the barriers communities face during challenging times.

Together, we can build a stronger, more equitable future. When you give to The Impact Fund, you drive real change that maximizes people’s potential and propels our region forward.

Philadelphia skyline with City Hall at dusk

United to Fight Poverty

Opportunity certainly looked a lot different in February than it does now. The COVID-19 pandemic could lead to an unmitigated health and economic fallout for our region. With so many of our neighbors already living in or on the edge of poverty, we need a collective movement to propel us forward.

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United for Recovery

As our communities face the aftermath of COVID-19, United Way is here to respond. Simply put, we’re built for this. When help is needed, we answer the call. This is the moment to put our community and our neighbors on a path toward recovery.

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United to Stop Injustice

We believe in equity, in equality and that every single person, regardless of zip code, skin color or background deserves the opportunity to thrive. Systemic racism and social injustice hurt communities of color and limit opportunities. That’s simply unacceptable and has to change. 

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