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In order to be considered as a United Way Days of Caring project site project submissions must fit the following criteria before being approved and posted for selection. (United Way reserves the right to decline project submissions that do not fit selected criteria or are deemed inappropriate or unsafe).

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey’s activities are primarily focused on accomplishing the priority goals outlined in our agenda for community solutions. However, through United Way’s Days of Caring activities we hope to foster a culture of civic engagement in the communities we serve. Therefore we encourage and will accept projects outside of our priority areas meeting the broad interests of volunteers throughout our region.

Projects must meet the following requirements:

  • Projects must be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance of proposed activity date.
  • Host a minimum of 10 volunteers for a community improvement activity. By registering a project your agency is responsible for facilitating communications, coordinating logistics and organizing site visits with a representative from your matched group prior to your scheduled Days of Caring event.
  • Project registrations must be completed in their entirety including location, number of volunteers requested, tasks/activities, anticipated outcomes, and supply costs with itemized stipend request budget. Any changes to the project registration must be submitted and approved by UWGPSNJ staff.
  • All agency project coordinators must annually attend a Days of Caring briefing before hosting a project.
  • Projects should be episodic events that have a clear and defined beginning and end.
  • Organizations organizing Days of Caring projects must be nonprofit organizations.

Days of Caring projects may not include the following:

  • Days of Caring Volunteers may not be used as fundraisers. For example Days of Caring volunteers can provide operational support (could include handing out water, cheering walkers etc.) at a fundraising walk, but may not be the actual walkers themselves.
  • Ongoing activities. For example a weekly mentoring program that matches an adult with a student for long-term support would not be considered a Day of Caring project. However, we encourage this type of program to be posted at After posting your project, let our team know by emailing and we will feature this opportunity on our home page.
  • Days of advocacy outside of those done in partnership with UWGPSNJ.

Download the Days of Caring Project Guide

Download the Days of Caring Project Proposal Form

Please submit all completed Days of Caring proposals to:
Days of Caring
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
1709 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103