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Hurricane Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Thank you for your interest in helping with the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. Recovery is a long-term undertaking, but we know that together, we can restore and rebuild our region. Thank you for your continued support and for LIVING UNITED.

United Way is working closely with a number of partner organizations to assess areas of need across the region, to coordinate support for local emergency response providers, and to mobilize and deploy regional volunteer response.

We will remain an integral partner in the weeks and months to come, as long-term needs assessments are conducted and rebuilding efforts begin.

Your support can achieve the greatest impact right now in two important ways:

Give financial donations at

The best way to support survivors of Hurricane Sandy is to make a financial contribution. This offers organizations the most flexibility to respond quickly and efficiently to immediate needs in the community. It also pumps money into the local economy to help businesses recover. You can contribute to relief efforts today by donating to the United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund at Funds raised will be used to address both near and long-term recovery needs in local communities. 


United Way is in constant communication with nonprofit organizations in our region to collect their volunteer needs and share that information with our networks. These efforts ensure that willing volunteers are best connected to real community needs.  Please sign up for our volunteer email notifications by emailing You can also continue to visit our hurricane-specific community calendar of volunteer opportunities below.

In-Kind Donations

While communities are still assessing the needs of residents, United Way has begun to collect their specific needs to share with our networks of donors and volunteers.  Please see the calendar below for in-kind opportunities in additional to volunteer opportunities.  If you are interested in providing in-kind support, we encourage you to adhere to the specific needs noted by the organizations.