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Day of Caring


Each year in September, United Way’s Day of Caring Signature Site event kicks off the 365 Days of Caring civic engagement initiative, a year-round effort to achieve impact through corporate volunteerism. Three hundred sixty-five days of the year, United Way mobilizes volunteers in local communities to donate time and talent to help transform lives and drive measurable, lasting impact that none of us can achieve alone.

During the 2015 Day of Caring, United Way mobilized volunteers to build reading corners, level books, assemble teacher toolkits, enhance student playgrounds and create outdoor educational classrooms in partnership with the Philadelphia School District. Through our Early Warning Response System, United Way partners with several schools including General George G Meade School to identify students at-risk of dropping out and connect them with appropriate interventions to get them back on track. Additionally, teachers and staff at Meade School have participated in professional development opportunities with the United Way, such as trauma informed care courses to prevent, mitigate and heal the impact of trauma on students. The volunteer activities at United Way’s 2015 Day of Caring at Meade School supplemented our work in ensuring all children have access to a quality education from cradle to career. View photo from the 2015 Day of Caring!

Get Involved

If you weren’t able to join us for the 2015 Day of Caring, you can still make an impact in Education! Advocate for Pennsylvania’s public education in a fair, sustainable way or find an education volunteer opportunity with local students.

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