Find Your Local United Way


Thank you pledging to be a part of the Education Volunteer Initiative!

Now you’re wondering, what’s next?

Step 1: Making the Match

First, your United Way representative will use the information from your Education Volunteer Questionnaire to find the best match for your employees. They will coordinate with you to share details and confirm interest before connecting you with the nonprofit agency contact.

Step 2: Screening

Typically, when working with children, some level of screening is required. Sometimes, agencies will perform reference checks on volunteers, but in almost all cases, criminal background checks are a necessary component of screening. This check provides a concrete method for mentoring programs to ensure that the child will be protected and safe with his or her reader, tutor or mentor.

Step 3: Training

In some cases, organizations offer training for their education volunteers. United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania also offers training for education volunteers. You can view and register for available training sessions at the Community Impact Training Institute.

Step 4: Begin Relationship

Once you have completed any necessary paperwork, screenings and trainings, you will be introduced to the child or children you will be working with. There are a number of resources with advice and tips on volunteering as a reader, tutor and mentor, but the most important thing to remember is to be yourself and enjoy building this important relationship!