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Success By 6® supports a “whole child” approach to education, focusing on both cognitive skills and the child’s social and emotional development.  We know that a child’s ability to interact with peers and listen to direction is just as crucial to his/her learning trajectory as his/her ability to read or write. 

Through Success By 6®, we’re working to improve the level of education provided at child care centers throughout the region. We’re providing training to early childhood educators to ensure that they are engaging children in effective ways; that they’re educating parents on their crucial role in supporting and nurturing their child’s learning; and that they’re intervening to get additional support for the child who needs it.

In Atlantic County, the early literacy programs of Success By 6®─ Raising A Reader, Ready, Set, READ! and First Book─ which are supported by the Women’s Leadership Initiative, are working to ensure children have access to quality age-appropriate books and training caregivers on ways to provide consistent, shared reading time.  For preschoolers preparing for kindergarten, Success by 6® distributes an annual “Kindergarten Readiness Calendar” offering 365 fun and engaging ways to help these youngsters enter the classroom ready to learn.

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Of the 140 early childhood education centers in Southeastern Pennsylvania that have achieved a high quality rating since 2006, 60 percent of those centers have done so through United Way’s Success By 6® program.